What Is Concur Business Travel?

By Robert Palmer

Concur Business Travel is a comprehensive, end-to-end business travel solution that brings together all of the necessary components for successful corporate travel management. From booking flights, hotels and rental cars to expense tracking and reporting, Concur Business Travel makes it easy for companies to manage their travel programs and optimize their resources.

Concur Business Travel helps organizations easily manage the complexities of business travel by providing a single platform for booking, tracking and approving all corporate trips. Companies can book flights, hotels and rental cars from a variety of providers with just a few clicks. Additionally, users can access real-time flight information such as delays or cancellations, receive notifications about price changes or availability issues, and even save favorite trips for easy recall.

The Expense Management feature in Concur Business Travel allows users to accurately track and report on expenses associated with their travels. Users can easily attach receipts to expenses, categorize them in accordance with company policies and submit them for approval. Additionally, Concur’s reporting capabilities allow users to analyze spending trends over time or drill down into specific types of expenses across various departments or locations.

Concur Business Travel also offers powerful mobile capabilities that enable employees to stay connected while they’re on the go. With the mobile app, users can book flights, manage their itineraries and submit expense reports from anywhere in the world. They also have access to real-time notifications about flight status changes as well as other critical updates related to their travels.

By leveraging Concur’s comprehensive suite of business travel solutions, companies can optimize their resources and ensure that employees have an efficient yet enjoyable experience when traveling on business trips. With easy-to-use tools for booking, tracking and managing expenses along with powerful mobile capabilities for staying connected while on the go, Concur Business Travel is the perfect solution for any organization looking to streamline its corporate travel program.


In conclusion, Concur Business Travel is an all-in-one solution that enables companies to efficiently manage their corporate travel program by providing tools for booking flights, hotels and rental cars; tracking expenses; analyzing spending trends; and staying connected while on the go. With this comprehensive platform in place, businesses can be assured that their employees are able to enjoy stress-free business trips that are also cost effective.