What Should I Pack for a Multi Day Backpacking Trip?

By Alice Nichols

When packing for a multi-day backpacking trip, you want to make sure that you bring the right gear and supplies to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and safe. Here are some essential items that you should consider packing for your journey.

Shelter: First and foremost, shelter is an essential item when embarking on a backpacking trip. Depending on the location and climate, you may need a tent, tarp, hammock, or bivy sack. Make sure to pack enough stakes, poles and guylines as well as a repair kit in case something breaks during your journey.

Clothing: The clothing you bring should be appropriate for the weather conditions you will encounter. Layering is key when it comes to outdoor apparel.

Bring items that are lightweight, breathable, and can be layered for warmth. Also consider bringing rain gear such as a rain jacket or poncho in case of inclement weather.

Footwear: Your footwear should be comfortable and provide good support for long hikes. Make sure to break in your hiking boots before your trip so they are comfortable from day one! If you plan on doing any river crossings or wet terrain hiking, consider bringing water shoes or sandals.

Food & Water: Food and water are obviously essential items when backpacking. For food, bring non-perishable items that can be easily cooked over a campfire or stove like dehydrated meals, rice & beans, oatmeal etc. For water filtration & purification methods such as iodine tablets or a water filter are recommended.

First Aid Kit: This is an often overlooked item but could prove to be invaluable if something were to happen during your journey. A basic first aid kit should include bandages of various sizes, antiseptic wipes/spray/creams, gauze pads/rolls etc. Consider bringing medications such as pain relievers and antihistamines.


A multi-day backpacking trip can be an incredible experience if it is prepared for properly. By packing the right gear such as shelter, clothing, footwear, food & water supplies and a first aid kit you can ensure that your adventure is both enjoyable and safe!