What Should I Pack for Backpacking?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking is an amazing way to explore the world, but packing the right items can be a challenge. To make sure you have all of your essentials covered, it’s important to know what should go into your bag before you hit the road.

The first thing to consider is how much you plan on carrying. If you plan on traveling light and getting around quickly, then a smaller bag may be best. However, if you plan on carrying more items, such as camping gear or extra clothing, then a larger pack may be necessary.

Clothing is the next most important aspect of packing for backpacking.

First and foremost, make sure to pack breathable fabrics that won’t overheat or trap moisture against your skin. Additionally, try to bring pieces that can be layered for different climates and environments, as well as ones that can quickly transition from one activity to another.

Other essentials include a headlamp or flashlight for night hikes, extra batteries and chargers for electronics, quick-dry towels for cleaning up after long days of exploration, a multi-tool or pocket knife for emergency situations, water bottles to keep hydrated in hot climates and any medications or first aid supplies needed for illnesses or injuries.

Finally, don’t forget personal items such as sunglasses and sunscreen for sunny days outdoors, insect repellent if traveling in mosquito-prone areas and trekking poles if you plan on doing some high-altitude hikes.


To ensure an enjoyable backpacking experience it is essential to carefully consider what needs to be packed before hitting the road. Pack lightweight clothing that is breathable and able to transition between activities easily as well as any necessary electronics and first aid supplies. Finally remember any personal items like sunglasses and insect repellent needed in order to stay safe while exploring.