Where Is the Arcadia Cruise Ship Today?

By Michael Ferguson

Where Is the Arcadia Cruise Ship Today?

The Arcadia cruise ship, built in 2004, was a popular choice for luxury cruises for over a decade. The ship featured luxurious amenities such as a spa, casino, theater and pool. The ship sailed around the world, visiting ports in Europe, the Caribbean, and South America.

However, in 2017, the Arcadia was sold to a Turkish company and began sailing under its new name: Pacific Explorer. The new owners refitted the ship to include more modern amenities such as private cabins with balconies and updated restaurants. The ship now offers cruises to destinations like Mexico and Costa Rica.

The Arcadia has made headlines recently as it has been used to transport essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 it was used to house quarantine passengers from New Zealand and Australia who were returning home from overseas trips. This allowed them to remain in isolation on board the ship until they were tested for COVID-19 and given clearance to disembark.

The Pacific Explorer is currently sailing around Australia offering cruises for locals who are looking for an escape from their everyday lives during these difficult times. While some of its amenities have been removed due to safety regulations, it remains a popular choice for those who want to get away from it all without having to leave their home country.

The Arcadia cruise ship has had an interesting journey since its launch in 2004 – from luxurious voyages around the world to housing essential workers during a pandemic. It is now sailing around Australia under its new name: Pacific Explorer – offering much-needed respite for locals during these difficult times.
The Arcadia cruise ship has gone through many transformations over the years – from luxury liner to quarantine vessel – but today it can be found sailing around Australia as the Pacific Explorer offering cruises for locals looking for an escape from their everyday lives during this difficult time.