Where Is the Braemar Cruise Ship Now?

By Michael Ferguson

The Braemar cruise ship is a well-known vessel in the cruising industry. Owned by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, the ship has been sailing the seas since it was first launched in 1993. It is one of the most popular ships in its fleet, with a capacity for 1,250 passengers and 550 crew members.

The Braemar has a reputation for providing excellent service and luxury amenities. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities, such as an array of restaurants and bars, a theatre, spa, pools and Jacuzzis.

Onboard activities include dancing classes, art classes and casino nights. The Braemar also has a multi-level atrium that serves as an entertainment hub with live music and performances.

The Braemar is currently sailing around Europe’s Mediterranean coastlines with itineraries that visit ports in Spain, Italy and Croatia. Passengers can enjoy fascinating shore excursions to explore the history and culture of these countries such as touring Pompeii or taking a gondola ride through Venice’s canals.

The Braemar also operates cruises around Iceland, Norway and Scotland with itineraries featuring breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife and exciting cities like Bergen or Reykjavik. These voyages offer plenty of opportunities to experience nature’s wonders from unspoiled fjords to majestic glaciers.


The Braemar cruise ship is currently sailing around Europe’s Mediterranean coastlines and other parts of Europe such as Iceland, Norway and Scotland offering passengers amazing experiences ashore as well as onboard amenities for a luxurious journey across the seas.