Where Is the Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Right Now?

By Anna Duncan

Celebrity Edge is the first of Celebrity Cruises’ new class of cruise ships. It is a cutting-edge vessel that has been designed to revolutionize the modern day cruise experience. The ship was launched in 2018 and has been making waves ever since, with its innovative design, luxurious amenities, and high-tech features.

The Celebrity Edge has a sleek and modern exterior design, with an all-glass façade and distinct curves that make it stand out from other cruise ships. Inside, the vessel features a range of luxurious accommodations, from spacious suites and interconnecting staterooms to the exclusive 2-story Edge Villas. There are also plenty of dining options available onboard, including fine-dining restaurants, casual eateries, and even a specialty sushi bar.

In addition to its impressive design and amenities, the Celebrity Edge also offers some of the most advanced technology available on any cruise ship today. Passengers can enjoy interactive touchscreens in their cabins that allow them to control their onboard environment – from lighting to temperature – as well as access real-time information on their journey. The ship also boasts an array of interactive entertainment options such as virtual reality games and escape rooms.

The Celebrity Edge launched its maiden voyage in November 2018 and has been sailing around the world ever since. It currently offers cruises throughout Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, Alaska/Canada, Hawaii/Tahiti/South Pacific Islands, Asia/Africa/Middle East, Caribbean/Bahamas/Mexico ,and Transatlantic sailings between Europe and North America.

Where Is the Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Right Now?

At the time of writing (February 2021), the Celebrity Edge is currently sailing around South America on a 14-night voyage from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. After this voyage ends on February 28th 2021, it will then begin a 9-night Transatlantic crossing from Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale before arriving at its home port in Miami on March 10th 2021.


The Celebrity Edge is one of the most innovative vessels at sea today offering passengers a unique experience with its cutting edge design and high tech features. Right now it is sailing around South America before embarking on a 9-night Transatlantic crossing back to its home port in Miami where it will arrive on March 10th 2021.