Where Is the Cruise Ship Bolette Now?

By Anna Duncan

The Cruise Ship Bolette is a luxury cruise vessel that plies the waters of the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Built in 2020 by Norwegian Cruise Line, the Bolette is one of the largest ships in its fleet.

It measures some 1,081 feet (330 meters) in length and can accommodate up to 3,500 passengers and crew members.

The Bolette is a magnificent ship with luxurious amenities, including spacious staterooms, multiple restaurants and bars, a spa and fitness center, pools, theaters, casino and much more. It also offers various activities for passengers to enjoy during their voyage such as live music performances, cooking classes and even yoga sessions.

The Bolette was launched on June 2nd 2020 from Hamburg Germany with its maiden voyage taking passengers to some of the most beautiful cities of Northern Europe. Since then it has visited many popular ports such as Copenhagen Denmark; Oslo Norway; Stockholm Sweden; Helsinki Finland; St Petersburg Russia; Tallinn Estonia; Riga Latvia; Vilnius Lithuania and Gdansk Poland.

At present the Bolette is making her way through Norwegian waters on a journey that will take her to destinations such as Bergen Norway; Trondheim Norway; Alesund Norway and Geiranger Norway before eventually arriving back in Hamburg Germany on October 21st 2021.


The Cruise Ship Bolette is currently traveling through Norwegian waters on an exciting voyage that will take her from Hamburg Germany to several stunning ports along the Baltic Sea and North Sea before finally returning home on October 21st 2021.