Where Is the Cruise Ship Veendam?

By Alice Nichols

The Cruise Ship Veendam: Where Is It Now?

The cruise ship Veendam was built in 1996 by the Holland America Line, and is one of the most iconic ships sailing the seas today. It has a storied past, having carried passengers from all over the world on unforgettable voyages. But where is it now?

The Veendam first set sail in 1996 as part of Holland America Line’s fleet of luxury vessels. She was a flagship for the company, and sailed to some of the most sought-after ports in Europe and North America.

The ship underwent several upgrades throughout her career, including a major refurbishment in 2012. After this refurbishment, she returned to service as one of the most luxurious ships sailing the oceans.

In 2017, Holland America Line announced that they had sold the Veendam to a new owner. The ship was sold to Pacific Eden Cruises, where it was renamed Pacific Eden and put into service for their fleet. Under its new name, Pacific Eden has been sailing around Australia since 2018 and is currently operating out of Sydney.

Though she may no longer be called Veendam or be operated by Holland America Line, her legacy lives on as she continues to carry passengers on memorable journeys around Australia’s stunning coastlines.


The cruise ship Veendam has made its way around the world since 1996 when it first set sail with Holland America Line. After being sold in 2017 to Pacific Eden Cruises, it was renamed Pacific Eden and has been operating out of Sydney since 2018. Even though she may not go by her original name anymore, she still carries passengers on unforgettable voyages and her legacy lives on.