Where Is the Marco Polo Cruise Ship Now?

By Anna Duncan

Where Is the Marco Polo Cruise Ship Now?

The Marco Polo is a cruise ship that has been in service since 1965. It was originally built for the Soviet Union, but it was sold to the UK-based Cruise & Maritime Voyages in 2008. Since then, it has been sailing from ports around Europe and in North America.

The Marco Polo is currently on its way to Norway, where it will visit the cities of Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. After that, it will continue on to Scotland and Ireland before heading south to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. From there, the ship will make its way back to England before sailing off to the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Grenada.

The Marco Polo offers a variety of amenities on board such as a swimming pool, a spa, multiple restaurants and bars, a casino and multiple other entertainment options. The ship also boasts several different types of accommodations ranging from inside cabins to luxurious suites with private balconies.

The Marco Polo has been praised for its excellent service by passengers who have sailed on it over the years. It’s also become well known for its unique design – with large windows that give passengers stunning views of the sea during their voyage.

Overall, the Marco Polo is an excellent cruise ship that has been providing passengers with an unforgettable experience since 1965. Its current itinerary takes passengers to some of Europe’s best destinations while providing them with all of the comforts they would expect from a luxury cruise ship.

Conclusion: The Marco Polo cruise ship is currently sailing around Europe and North America while offering its passengers an incredible experience with all of the luxuries they would expect from such a vessel. Its itinerary includes stops in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Spain/Portugal/Morocco and some Caribbean islands before making its way back home to England once again.