Where Is the QE2 Cruise Ship Now?

By Anna Duncan

The QE2 cruise ship is a legendary ocean liner that has set the standard for luxury and opulence since her launch in 1969. She was the world’s first modern superliner, and she brought a level of sophistication to cruising that was previously unheard of.

Now, after almost 50 years of operation, the QE2 is no longer in service. But where is this iconic vessel now?

The QE2 was originally built for the Cunard Line by John Brown & Company in Clydebank, Scotland. During her time at sea, she made over 1,400 transatlantic crossings and sailed over 5.6 million nautical miles – more than any other passenger ship in history. In 1982, she famously assisted in the Falklands War by transporting troops to the South Atlantic.

In 2008, after decades of faithful service, the QE2 was retired from Cunard Line’s fleet and sold to Dubai World. The plan was to transform her into a hotel and entertainment complex at The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. However, due to economic conditions at the time, this project never came to fruition.

In November 2018, after an extensive refit and refurbishment project, it was announced that the QE2 had been acquired by an investment company called Oceanic Group. The plan is for her to become a floating hotel at Port Rashid in Dubai.


The QE2 cruise ship is now owned by Oceanic Group and is currently undergoing extensive refits and refurbishments so that she can become a floating hotel at Port Rashid in Dubai. After almost 50 years of operation around the world – including famously assisting with the Falklands War – it appears that this iconic vessel will be sailing again very soon!