Which Carnival Cruise Ship Has the Roller Coaster?

By Anna Duncan

Carnival Cruise Line is well known for its onboard fun and exciting activities. One of the most popular features on many of their ships is the roller coaster.

As one of the only cruise lines with a roller coaster, Carnival has become the go-to choice for thrill seekers. But which Carnival Cruise Ship has the roller coaster?

The answer is that it depends! While there are multiple Carnival Cruise Ships that have a roller coaster, they vary in size and type.

The most common type of roller coaster found on Carnival ships is the SkyRide. The SkyRide is an open-air two-person gondola ride which takes riders on a thrilling journey around decks, twisting and turning along the way. This ride can be found on many of Carnival’s larger ships such as the Vista, Horizon, Breeze, Sunshine and Dream Class vessels.

Another type of roller coaster found on Carnival Cruise Ships is the Kaleid-O-Slide. This exciting ride takes guests on a spinning disc journey along a track full of twists and turns. It can be found on some of Carnival’s older vessels such as the Fascination, Destiny and Imagination Class ships.

Finally, the newest ship to join Carnival’s fleet – Mardi Gras – boasts an all-new attraction: BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster! This one-of-a-kind electric powered roller coaster takes riders up to 40 feet above sea level, reaching speeds up to 40 miles per hour while providing breathtaking views of sea life below!

No matter which ship you choose, you are sure to have a thrilling time aboard any one of these amazing vessels! So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with lots of thrills and excitement, then look no further than Carnival Cruises!

Carnival Cruise Line offers several exciting rides for thrill seekers including SkyRide, Kaleid-O-Slide and BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster. Depending on which ship you choose to sail on will determine which type of roller coaster you can experience. All three types provide an unforgettable experience full of thrills and excitement so no matter what your preference is there’s something for everyone aboard any one of these amazing vessels!