Which Cruise Ship Was in Beirut?

By Alice Nichols

The MS Orient Queen was a cruise ship that was destroyed in the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020. The Orient Queen was a passenger vessel owned by the MSC Cruises company, and had been in service since 2008. The ship was originally built in Japan and had undergone several upgrades over the years, including a full-scale renovation in 2011.

At the time of the explosion, it is estimated that there were at least 360 passengers on board, including both tourists and crew members. The violent blast caused massive destruction to the port and surrounding areas, as well as severe damage to the Orient Queen itself. Reports indicated that several crew members were killed in the blast, and many more were injured or missing.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been identified. Witnesses reported hearing multiple loud blasts coming from an area near warehouses storing ammonium nitrate fertilizer. This chemical is highly explosive when exposed to heat or shock, so it is possible that an accidental ignition may have occurred at these warehouses, resulting in a chain reaction of explosions that spread throughout the port area.

The destruction of the Orient Queen has had a devastating impact on its passengers and crew members who were on board at the time of the incident. Many of them are now facing financial losses as well as emotional trauma associated with this tragic event.

The MSC Cruises company has responded by offering assistance to those affected by providing free medical care and counseling services for passengers and their families. It has also called for an immediate investigation into the cause of this tragedy so that lessons can be learned from it in order to help prevent similar incidents from occurring in future.

Conclusion: The MS Orient Queen was a cruise ship owned by MSC Cruises that was destroyed in Beirut port explosion on August 4th 2020.

There were at least 360 people on board at the time of the incident, including passengers and crew members who have since been affected financially and emotionally due to this tragedy. An investigation into what caused this devastating event is ongoing.