Who Pays for What on a Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

A destination wedding is one that is held away from the couple’s hometown and often includes a far off exotic location. It can be an exciting way to exchange vows and celebrate with family and friends.

But it can also be expensive. Knowing who pays for what in a destination wedding can help couples keep costs manageable and plan accordingly.

The Couple

The couple will most likely pay for the bulk of the wedding expenses, including the cost of their attire, transportation, lodging, and any other items or services they may need for their special day.

The Family

Traditionally, families are expected to contribute to some of the expenses related to a wedding. This may include the cost of airfare for certain family members who will be attending the ceremony or reception. In addition, some families may choose to help with other costs such as lodging or catering.

The Guests

Guests are usually responsible for their own transportation costs and lodging when attending a destination wedding. They may also be asked to contribute financially towards any festivities associated with the wedding, such as a welcome party or farewell brunch.

Conclusion: When planning a destination wedding, it’s important to consider who pays for what. Generally speaking, couples will pay for most of their own expenses while families may contribute towards certain costs like airfare or catering. Finally, guests should plan on covering their own travel expenses and any additional activities associated with the event.