Will Business Travel Come Back Bloomberg?

By Anna Duncan

The future of business travel is uncertain as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Bloomberg recently released an article examining this issue and looking at whether business travel will come back. The article outlines a variety of factors that could affect the return of business travel, including public health concerns, economic uncertainty, and changes to technology that have allowed for virtual communication.

The article notes that public health remains the top priority in determining whether or not business travel can resume safely. It is still unclear how effective vaccines will be in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and until there is more clarity on this front it is hard to say when it will be safe for people to travel for work again. In addition, many governments around the world have implemented strict quarantine and travel restrictions that could make it difficult for business travelers to move freely between countries.

The article also looks at the economic impact of business travel, noting that many businesses rely heavily on air travel for their operations. With so many people out of work due to COVID-19, airline companies have seen a dramatic decrease in their revenues and are struggling financially. This has caused airlines to cut back on flights, making it more difficult and expensive for people who do need to travel for business purposes.

Finally, the article looks at how technology has changed over the past year due to the pandemic and how this could affect business travel long term. Virtual conferencing tools such as Zoom have become increasingly popular, allowing people to hold meetings online without having to physically be together in person. This could lead some businesses to forego traditional in-person meetings entirely in favor of virtual ones, reducing the need for large scale business trips altogether.

Overall, it is hard to say if or when business travel will fully return due to all of these factors at play. While there may be some uptick in air travel once vaccines become widely available and government restrictions are eased up, it is likely that virtual communication technologies will continue evolving and that many businesses may opt out of traditional physical meetings altogether going forward.

Conclusion: It remains unclear if or when traditional business travels will come back after the pandemic due to a variety of factors including public health concerns, economic uncertainty and changes in technology which allow virtual communication tools like Zoom at an unprecedented level. Although there may be some uptick in air travels once vaccines become widely available and governments relax their restrictions, businesses may opt out of physical meetings entirely going forward.