Are Cruise Ship Pools Heated?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ship pools are often a major selling point for travelers, but many people wonder if they are heated. The answer to this question depends on the type of cruise, the destination and the nature of the cruise ship itself.

Cruise ships that travel in warm climates usually have unheated pools. These pools are typically larger, since the hot weather encourages passengers to spend more time in and around them.

These pools typically have shallow ends for children and deeper parts for adults to swim or lounge in, as well as water slides, whirlpools and other water features.

Cruise ships that travel to cold climates may have heated pools as an added amenity for passengers. The heated pool may also be used to warm up passengers after a day of activities outdoors in colder climates. Cruise ships that travel from cold climates to warmer ones may also feature heated pools with adjustable temperatures so passengers can cool off when needed.

Some cruise ships offer both heated and unheated pools to accommodate different types of travelers. Heated pools can provide a comfortable temperature even in colder climates such as Alaska or Scandinavia, while unheated pools can be refreshing in hot climates such as the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Conclusion: Whether cruise ship pools are heated or not depends on the type of cruise, its destination, and the amenities offered by the particular cruise line. Many cruise lines offer both heated and unheated swimming areas so passengers can choose which one best suits their needs depending on the climate they are traveling to.