Did Overseas Adventure Travel Go Out of Business?

By Alice Nichols

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) was a tour operator that specialized in small group tours to exotic destinations. Founded in 1978, the company pioneered the concept of economically priced travel to far-flung locations. OAT was known for its unique combination of adventure and cultural exploration, taking travelers on journeys to places such as India, Africa, and South America.

In its heyday, OAT was one of the most popular tour operators around. It had a loyal following of customers who appreciated its focus on creating authentic experiences with knowledgeable guides. The company’s trips were often praised for their value and attention to detail.

However, in recent years OAT has been struggling to keep up with the competition. As other tour operators have emerged offering more competitive prices and more innovative offerings, OAT has been losing market share. This has led to financial struggles for the company as revenues have declined and expenses have increased.

In 2019, OAT made the decision to cease operations and shut down the company. This decision was met with disappointment from many of its customers who had relied upon OAT for their travel needs over the years.

Since then, there has been speculation about whether or not Overseas Adventure Travel will return or if it is gone for good. While there is no definitive answer at this time, it appears that OAT is indeed out of business for good.


Did Overseas Adventure Travel Go Out of Business? The answer appears to be yes – the company ceased operations in 2019 and there are no indications that it will be returning anytime soon.