How Much Does a Mini Cruise Ship Cost?

By Anna Duncan

Mini cruise ships are becoming increasingly popular among tourists and travelers who want a more intimate and private experience. These vessels are much smaller than the traditional large cruise ships, but they still offer many of the same amenities and activities. But what is the cost of such a mini-cruise?

The cost of a mini-cruise will depend on several factors, including the type of vessel, amenities offered, destination, and length of time. Most mini-cruises begin at around $2,000 per person for a seven-day voyage.

This price can go up depending on the luxury level of the vessel as well as additional features like onboard entertainment or meals.

For those who want to save money on their mini-cruise, there are several options available. Most vessels offer discounts for seniors or children travelling with their parents.

Some also offer discounts for booking multiple trips in advance or for booking at specific times (such as during off-peak travel season). Additionally, some cruise lines offer special deals and packages that can help reduce the overall cost of your trip.

Mini cruises can be an incredibly enjoyable experience, allowing you to explore new places with an intimate group of like minded people. The cost of these cruises will vary depending on your specific needs and desires, but it is possible to find a great deal if you do your research ahead of time.

In conclusion, the cost of a mini cruise can range from $2,000 per person for a seven-day voyage to upwards of thousands depending on additional features and amenities offered. However, there are several ways to save money when planning your mini cruise including discounts for seniors or children travelling with their parents and special deals or packages which may be available from certain cruise lines.