How Much Food Should I Bring on a Backpacking Trip?

By Michael Ferguson

When planning a backpacking trip, you may be wondering how much food to bring. This is a very important question as the amount of food you bring will directly affect the success of your backpacking trip.

Too little food and you may find yourself hungry and unable to get the proper nutrition needed for an enjoyable experience. Too much food and you will end up carrying more weight than necessary, which can lead to fatigue and discomfort. The key is finding the right balance between enough food for sustenance and not too much that it becomes a burden.

In general, plan on bringing about 2-3 pounds of food per person per day. This should include items that provide a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Make sure to include some snacks such as trail mix or energy bars to help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Make sure to bring non-perishable items such as canned goods, dried fruits, nuts and grains for lunches and dinners. Also consider bringing ready-to-eat meals such as oatmeal or instant soups if you do not have access to a stove or grill while out on the trail. For breakfast, opt for items like cereal bars, granola or instant oatmeal.

You’ll also need some type of beverage. Bring plenty of water with you in reusable bottles or hydration packs so you can stay hydrated throughout your journey. If you prefer something other than water then consider bringing along tea bags or powdered drink mixes such as Gatorade.

Finally, make sure to bring some type of emergency rations in case your original plan does not work out as expected. These could be energy bars or candy bars that can give you an extra boost if needed.

By taking these steps into consideration when packing for your next backpacking trip, you will be able to ensure that you have enough food without overloading yourself with too much weight. With the right planning and preparation, you can enjoy a successful backpacking trip without having to worry about running out of sustenance!

Conclusion: When packing for a backpacking trip it is important to plan ahead and bring enough food but not too much that it becomes burdensome. Generally speaking plan on bringing 2-3 pounds of food per person per day including snacks as well as non-perishable items such as canned goods and dried fruits. Additionally make sure to bring water or other beverages along with some type of emergency ration just in case your original plan does not pan out.