Is a Cruise Ship Bigger Than a Cargo Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

When it comes to the size of ships, some people may think that cruise ships are always bigger than cargo ships. However, this is not always the case.

The size of a ship depends on many factors such as its purpose, the type of cargo it carries, and even its location.

Cruise ships are generally larger than cargo ships because they often have multiple decks which can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of passengers. They also need to be equipped with amenities and facilities that passengers can enjoy during their voyage.

These include restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and entertainment venues. Cruise ships also need to be able to move in and out of ports quickly so they tend to be much larger than cargo vessels.

Cargo ships vary greatly in size depending on their purpose and what kind of goods they carry. Some cargo vessels are smaller than cruise ships while others can be much larger. For example, container ships are generally much bigger than cruise liners because they need to carry large amounts of freight in their containers.

The size of a ship can change depending on what it’s used for. Cruise ships tend to be larger due to their many amenities, while cargo vessels range from smaller ones that only carry a few containers to massive container carriers that transport goods all over the world.


In conclusion, it is not always true that cruise ships are bigger than cargo ships as the size of both types of vessels depends upon many factors such as what they are used for and how much cargo they carry.