What Carnival Cruise Ship Has the Roller Coaster?

By Robert Palmer

Carnival Cruise Line is known for its exciting and adventurous cruise ships, and one of the most popular attractions is their roller coaster. The roller coaster on board a Carnival Cruise ship is one of the most thrilling activities passengers can experience on their vacation.

The first Carnival Cruise ship with a roller coaster was the Carnival Vista, launched in 2016. This was the first cruise ship in the world to feature a roller coaster at sea.

The roller coaster, known as SkyRide, stretches 80 feet above sea level and is two stories high. The ride offers passengers unparalleled views of the ocean and coastline as they zip around the track in two-person cycles.

The second Carnival Cruise ship with a roller coaster is the Carnival Mardi Gras, which debuted in 2020. This cruise ship features a much more thrilling ride: BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster.

BOLT features some of the steepest drops and sharpest turns ever seen on a water-based ride, reaching speeds up to 40 mph! The ride also features an immersive laser light show while passengers are zipping around the track.

The third Carnival Cruise ship to have its own roller coaster is Carnival Panorama, which launched in 2019. This cruise ship’s roller coaster is called Electric Eel and it reaches speeds up to 60 mph during its twists and turns! Electric Eel also has an impressive height of 150 feet above sea level.


Carnival Cruise Line has three ships with thrilling roller coasters – Carnival Vista (SkyRide), Carnival Mardi Gras (BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster), and Carnival Panorama (Electric Eel). Each ride offers passengers an unforgettable experience filled with speed, excitement, and spectacular views.