What Is a Standard Per Diem for Business Travel?

By Robert Palmer

When an employee is sent on a business trip, the company will typically cover the cost of their hotel and other related expenses. One way to make sure that such costs are controlled is to set a standard per diem for business travel. A standard per diem is an amount that the company sets for each day that the employee spends on their trip, and it can be used to cover all necessary expenses related to the trip.

The standard per diem usually includes a certain amount of money for meals, transportation, and other incidentals. This helps to ensure that employees are not spending more money than they should while they are away on business. It also helps employers keep track of how much they are spending on travel expenses and helps them budget accordingly when planning trips.

The amount of the per diem varies between companies and depends largely on where the employee is traveling to. For example, companies may offer more generous per diems when traveling internationally or to expensive cities like New York or San Francisco. Companies may also set different rates depending on whether an employee is staying in a hotel or renting a car.

When deciding what amount to set for the standard per diem, employers should take into consideration all of the costs associated with travel expenses such as airfare, hotels, meals, and transportation. The employer should also consider any special or unusual circumstances that may arise while the employee is away from home such as medical emergencies or car repairs.

In addition, employers should provide guidelines for their employees so they know what items are covered by their per diem rate and what items are not eligible for reimbursement. This will help ensure that employees understand what types of expenses can be claimed against their per diem rate so there won’t be any misunderstandings down the road.

Conclusion: A standard per diem for business travel helps companies control costs associated with sending employees away from home by setting a fixed rate for all necessary expenses related to the trip. Employers should consider all costs associated with travel when setting their rate and provide clear guidelines so employees understand which items can be claimed against their per diem rate.