What Percentage of US Travel Is Business Travel?

By Robert Palmer

The percentage of US travel that is considered business travel is quite high, with estimates ranging from 30-50%. Business travel in the United States has been steadily increasing over the past decade, largely due to the growth of the gig economy. Many Americans are now able to work remotely and therefore travel more frequently for work purposes.

In addition to the rise of remote work, technology has also made it easier for businesses to conduct meetings and conferences across long distances.

Video conferencing and virtual reality have enabled companies to hold meetings without requiring their employees to physically attend. This has been beneficial for both employers and employees, as it saves time, money, and energy.

Business trips are an integral part of many businesses in the US, especially those in industries such as finance and technology. Companies often send employees on business trips in order to attend conferences or seminars, visit clients or vendors, or attend trade shows. Business trips may also be necessary for research purposes or when a company needs to send a representative abroad.

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is often considered a separate category from business travel. Corporate travel involves larger groups of people travelling together for business purposes such as conventions and conferences. Corporations often have policies in place regarding corporate travel that dictate how much can be spent on airfare and lodging.


What percentage of US travel is business travel? Estimates place it between 30-50%, indicating that business travel plays an important role in the US economy.

Remote work has increased the frequency of business trips, while technology has made it easier for companies to conduct meetings without requiring physical attendance from their employees. Corporate travel is another form of business trip that involves large groups of people travelling together for conventions and conferences.