Where Is MS Oosterdam Cruise Ship Now?

By Anna Duncan

The MS Oosterdam is a cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America Line, one of the most well-known cruise companies in the world. Built in 2003, it is the second Vista-class ship in their fleet, and has been providing passengers with luxurious and comfortable travel experiences for more than 17 years.

The MS Oosterdam boasts a variety of amenities and features that make it a popular choice among travelers. The two-story Atrium lobby features a grand staircase flanked by two glass elevators, while its 12 decks offer plenty of space for guests to explore.

Onboard activities include live music, theatrical performances, movie screenings, spa treatments, cooking classes, and even wine tastings. Plus, there are several dining options available to choose from including The Pinnacle Grill, Canaletto restaurant, Dive-In Grill, and Terrace Grill.

The MS Oosterdam also offers plenty of opportunities for passengers to explore new ports on their journey. It has visited numerous countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama Canal Zone and many more. The ship has also traveled to Alaska from Seattle multiple times each year since 2006.

At the moment the MS Oosterdam is sailing around Alaska as part of its summer season schedule. It will be cruising through Tracy Arm Fjord as well as visiting ports in Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka before heading back to Seattle at the end of August. From there it will embark on a seven-night Mexican Riviera Cruise before making its way back to Vancouver for winter cruises in October 2021.

Overall the MS Oosterdam continues to be one of Holland America Line’s most popular ships due to its impressive array of onboard amenities and exciting itineraries that take passengers all around the world.

Where Is MS Oosterdam Cruise Ship Now? Currently it is sailing around Alaska as part of its summer season schedule with plans to eventually make its way back to Vancouver for winter cruises beginning in October 2021.