How Old Was the Baby That Fell Off the Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

On July 13th, 2019, a tragic accident occurred off the coast of Croatia. A one-year-old baby girl fell from a cruise ship and into the Adriatic Sea. The child, who was from India, had been aboard the MSC Cruises vessel with her family when the accident happened just before 9 PM local time.

At the time of the incident, the vessel was about two nautical miles off the island of Brac and traveling at a speed of 17 knots. The crew made an emergency stop and started rescue operations immediately. By 10:20 PM the infant had been recovered by rescuers and airlifted to a nearby hospital in Split.

The baby’s parents are believed to have been on deck at the time of her fall, but have yet to make any public statements or confirm any details about what happened that night. Reports indicate that she was wearing a life jacket at the time of her fall.

How Old Was The Baby That Fell Off The Cruise Ship?

The baby that fell off the cruise ship in Croatia was one year old. She was from India and had been traveling with her family when she accidentally fell overboard. Thankfully, rescuers were able to find her quickly and airlift her to safety.


The baby that fell off a cruise ship in Croatia on July 13th, 2019 was one year old. Despite this tragic incident, rescuers were able to act quickly and successfully recover her from the Adriatic Sea. Thankfully she was wearing a life jacket at the time of her fall which likely contributed to her survival.