What Carnival Cruise Ship Has the Roller Coaster on It?

By Alice Nichols

Carnival Cruise Line is the largest cruise company in the world and has a long history of providing unforgettable vacations for its guests. The company has various features on its ships that are designed to entertain and delight passengers. One of the most exciting features on Carnival ships is the roller coaster, which has become an iconic part of the Carnival experience.

The roller coaster on Carnival Cruise ships is called SkyRide, and it is a suspended cable ride that allows passengers to explore different areas of the ship while having a thrilling ride. The coaster is located outside and offers views of the ocean below while providing an adrenaline rush as guests soar above it. It travels up to 18 mph and has a height limit of 6’6″.

SkyRide is available on select Carnival Cruise ships, including the Carnival Vista, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Magic, and Carnival Horizon.

Each ship features a different version of SkyRide with unique twists and turns that make it even more exciting for guests. For instance, on some ships such as the Vista, there is an 80-foot-long tunnel that riders must go through before reaching their destination.

In addition to being thrilling and fun, SkyRide also provides great photo opportunities for guests. On many ships, riders will be able to take photos from their seat as they travel around curves and make their way through tunnels. There are also designated spots along the course where passengers can stop and take pictures with friends or family members while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea below them.

What Carnival Cruise Ship Has The Roller Coaster On It? The roller coaster featured on select Carnival Cruise ships is called SkyRide, which can be found on vessels such as the Carnival Vista, Breeze, Magic, and Horizon. Each ship offers its own unique version of this thrilling ride with spectacular views of the ocean below as well as great photo opportunities along the course.